We have a team that specialize in cleaning tanks that are utilized to store various product types. Whether it’s routine maintenance to remove solids and sludge, decontamination measures, tank renovation, or the demolition and decommissioning of a tank. Trained personnel will perform the storage tank cleaning. Fuel is transferred from the tank prior to cleaning, the interior of the tank is thoroughly cleaned using

It's a fact, all Petrochemical storage tanks need to be cleaned. Fuels require clean storage environments and scheduled tank maintenance. To put an end to fuel quality issues that cause plugging dispenser screens and filters, and even engine problems. In most cases, the storage tank is the primary source of contamination. By performing a Tank Cleaning, Filtering, Polishing the fuel and using the appropriate technology you can put an end to your fuel contamination issues.

Using our modern equipment, the best processes and procedures adapted from international best practices, we are able to clean the bottom of the fuel storage tank, removing all the visible contamination from the bottom of the tank and the most difficult areas to reach in the tank; taking out algae growth, rust, sludge water and making sure that the client dispenses clean fuel at all times. We also do confined space entry to clean bulk depot tank that are over 1 000 000L

All storage tanks naturally accumulate water, algae, and sludge resulting from condensation and the degradation of fuel and oil. The more fuel that is stored stagnant in a tank, the more debris and water will accumulate at the bottom. Our tank, cleaning guide provides general information needed to clean a fuel tank. It is assumed that this is a tank that has shown some a number of the typical symptoms of contamination, such as:

  • Visibly dark or black fuel
  • Signs of floating debris in the fuel
  • Fuel filters covered with black and /or slime
  • Unusually short fuel filter life
  • Sludge in the tank
  • Water in the tank
  • Smoke coming from engine exhaust

Our versatile tank cleaning process is ideal for use:

  • To Clean Petrochemical Tanks of All Types of Vessels
  • At Construction Sites
  • Retail Sites
  • Commercial sites
  • Depots
  • Maintaining Standby Generators
  • In Truck / Vehicle Depots
  • In Hydraulic Oil Tanks
  • Bus Depots
  • Airports
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